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Budget and Travel Itinerary: Canyoneering in Badian | Kawasan Falls | Whale Shark Watching in Oslob

Background is the unedited Kawasan Falls.

I know a lot of people are looking for a fun and adventurous activity in South Cebu in, as much as possible, a tighter budget. I guarantee that you can because I just went to the famous Canyoneering in Kanla-ob River in Badian Cebu, Kawasan Falls in Alegria and Whale Shark watching in Oslob for only PHP 4,000.00 budget each for a group of five. This will be direct to the point as I will post a separate blog about the experience. But for now, let me share with you our itinerary and budget.

Note: Plane fare is excluded. We got a PHP 1,300.00 promo fare from Davao to Cebu. For sure, there will be more promo fare offers of Cebu Pacific Air for travelers coming from Manila.Β 

DAY 0: MAY 5, 2016

5:30 PM Davao International Airport 120.00 24.00
6:00 PM Terminal Fee: DIA 1,000.00 200.00
6:40 PM Departure to Mactan, Cebu
7:40 PM Arrival at Mactan International Airport
8:00 PM Taxi : Going to Airol Pension House 320.00 64.00
8:30 PM Check in at Airol Pension House 1,300.00 260.00
9:00 PM Dinner at KFC (Budget includes Taxi) 500.00 100.00
TOTAL 3,240.00 648.00

The taxi going to the pension house has an additional Php100.00 since they don’t allow five passengers in the taxi. Actually, it’s just Php 50.00 additional but since the taxi driver is mabait, we just gave him a decent tip. πŸ™‚

We do not recommend staying in Airol Pension House. The place is seriously not clean. And we found out that there are other pension houses that can provide better service at almost the same price. You’ll find out below Β where we stayed on our last day. So on Day 0, we spent about PHP 648.00 each.

DAY 1: MAY 6, 2016

3:00 AM Wake up call
3:45 AM Off to South Bus Terminal
4:00 AM Breakfast at 7 Eleven plus to-bring snacks and water 470 94
5:00 AM Bus: Departure to Badian (Ceres Bus with signage β€˜Bato via Barili’) 735.00 147.00
7:30 AM Arrival at Matutinao Church (Sto. Tomas Church)
8:00 AM Start of Canyoneering 5,000.00 1,000.00
10:00 AM BBQ Snack 280.00 56.00
12:00 AM Man-made slide in 1st Falls (Must Try!) 25.00 5.00
12:30 PM Lunch at the Falls 0.00 as in ZERO as in FREE
1:30 PM Spend the rest of the tour at the famous and majestic Kawasan Falls
2:00 PM Habal: Back to Kuya Yoyoy’s House 300.00 60.00
2:30 PM Kuya Yoyoy’s Tip (He simply deserved it!) 500.00 100.00
2:30 PM Freshen up at our tour guide’s house
4:00 PM Private Van: Off to Oslob 1,000.00 200.00
6:00 PM Check in at Oslob New Village Resort 1,150.00 230.00
7:30 PM Dinner 375.00 75.00
9:00 PM Socials and rest
TOTAL 9,835.00 1,967.00

The good thing about Airol Pension House is it’s walking distance to the South Bus Terminal so you won’t have any worries of getting late in departure schedule of buses. However from 11PM on, the buses take off every after an hour. We arrived at the terminal by 4 AM, however, the 4 AM sched was already fully booked. This means we have to wait for the 5AM bus. Again, do not worry because although we were late, the 5AM bus was immediately occupied so we were able to leave Cebu City by 4:45 AM and just in time for our 8 AM canyoneering schedule since the travel time is only about 2.5 hours. But of course, I recommend being early in the terminal so you avoid any glitches that might interfere your travel itineraries.

The canyoneering adventure was definitely one for the books! I will have a separate blog post for that experience but I’d like to highlight in here why it became a greater experience. Kuya Yoyoy (Mobile No: 09777753176) was our tour guide. He is very accommodating and makwento despite his cleft palate. He exactly knows how to make the canyoneering experience a worthwhile one. He suggests things to do like where to take photos and where to jump and how to make your jump more memorable (I remember mine ‘superman-ning’ during a slide). He take good photos, by the way. He is very reliable Β and really maaasahan.

And as you may notice, we’ve spent nothing on our lunch. We were surprised that Kuya Yoyoy has arranged the lunch for us FREE OF CHARGE. This was not part of the package kaya nabigla kami that he’s doing it out of courtesy. His brother Marlo took charge of the rest of the tour since Kuya Yoyoy has to attend to his visitors by 1 PM. But we found out na kaya kami nalibre sa lunch was because nahihiya raw siya sa amin for not known reason. But his message, as captured below, is so touching kaya we highly recommend him to all others who wants to do canyoneering. He is humble and mabait and what’s for sure is he can give you a better, or yet best, canyoneering experience.

UPDATE: Canyoneering fee is already PHP 1,500.00 including lunch and gears.

Kuys Yoyoy MSG

Together with other travelers going to Oslob, we agreed to rent a van for Php 200.oo each since the buses took so long to pass by Alegria. We checked in at Oslob New Village’s fan room for Php 1,000.00 for four persons. We just added Php 150.00 for extra mattress. Although siksikan, the room is okay for five since matutulog lang naman doon at para rin may mapagiwanan ng mga gamit namin during whale shark watching.

The place is near the market so you won’t have any problem having your budget dinner. Also at night, we contacted a tricycle to fetch us out by 5 AM so we have sure transpo going to whale shark watching area.

You can BOOK here to get some DISCOUNTS! Just click the image below.

DAY 2: MAY 7, 2016

4:00 AM Wake up call
4:45 AM Breakfast (Bread from Julie’s Bakeshop 42.00 8.40
5:00 AM Tricycle: Off to Oslob Whale Shark Watching 200.00 40.00
5:30 AM Arrival at Whale Shark Watching
6:00 AM Registration Fee 2,500.00 500.00
8:00 AM Tricycle: Back to Oslob New Village 200.00 40.00
8:30 AM Freshen up
9:30 AM Visit The Ruins of Nuestra Senora de la Immaculada Concepcion
10:00 AM Brunch at Karinderya 365.00 73.00
10:30 AM Bus: Off to Sibunga, Cebu 400.00 80.00
12:00 PM Arrival at Sibunga, Cebu
12:00 PM Tricycle: Going to Our Lady of Simala 100.00 20.00
1:15 PM Tricycle: Going to Van Terminal 100.00 20.00
1:30 PM Van: Off to Cebu City SM Seaside 500.00 100.00
3:00 PM Taxi: Going to Robes Pension House 120.00 24.00
3:30 PM Arrival at Robes Pension House 1,450.00 290.00
6:00 PM Taxi: Off to SM Seaside 100.00 20.00
7:30 PM Dinner at CNT Lechon 858.00 171.60


6,935.00 1,387.00

Oslob New Village is about 10-15 kilometers away from the Whale Shark watching area but the place is still a good choice especially if you have tight budget. Just like what we did, we contracted tricylce driver to have us tranferred to the area as early as 5 AM. I recommend going to the place by that time so you can secure a spot on first batch. Doing that, you’ll definitely avoid queuing long lines and the heat of the sun (because sun block isn’t allowed in the area to avoid contamination of the water); plus the mesmerizing view of the sun rise.

Also, it is walking distance to an old church in Oslob, the Nuestra Senora de la Immaculada Concepcion. You better visit this place so you have the feels of Spanish era with the relaxing view of the crystal clear ocean and its ‘selfie-prone’ park.

I also recommend to include Simala in your travel itinerary for a monarch-feel ambiance. The church is unique among others due to its castle-like structure. It’s huge and you’ll feel like you’re in London or Disney land. πŸ™‚ But most importantly, it’s miraculous.

Robe’s Pension House is a good choice for an overnight stay. What we’ve got was a deluxe room for two. We just requested for additional 2 mattresses so we can be accommodated in just one room for only Php 1,450.00 or Php 290 each. The place is safe and comfortable unlike Airol.

You can BOOK here to get some DISCOUNTS! Just click the image below.

So there! In 2 days, we were able to visit and experience Canyoneering in Badian, Kawasan Falls, Whale Shark watching in Oslob, an old church since ~1800, and Our Lady of Simala for only PHP 4,002.00 each.

I hope this will make you more excited to visit South Cebu while spending just right with your budget. Also, if you have no tour guide yet in Canyoneering, kindly contact Kuya Yoyoy (Mobile No: 09777753176). Every single centavo is worth his service. And for sure, it will be a big help for him.

If you happen to follow or decided to follow this budget and itinerary, I will appreciate any comment from you. Questions are also welcome.

For tourist group of 8, you may check out this budget and travel itinerary including Sumilon Island and City tour.

Thank you!

– Ton


  • AJ

    Hi, this is a big help on our group, and I’m planning to follow this same trip, however from Oslob new village may bus ba going directly to cebu city? on a next day kasi we’ll be heading to a Bohol Trip pa. Thanks!

    • Ton

      Yes meron. Thats what we did. After whale shark, we went back to oslob new village via tricycle. The place is near the highway so mabilis kayo makakahanap ng bus back to cebu city. Enjoy your adventure!! πŸ˜„

    • Ton

      Approximately 4-5 hours. Basta half day activity sya depende pa sa mga pabebe ng group hehe. Dami kasing spot na masarap magstay longer at magpapicture. πŸ˜‚ 8 jumps, if im not mistaken. Pero 4 yung major jumps including yung entry sa canyoneering site. πŸ˜‚

      • xan

        Oct.4 po
        May nkita po kasi ako short trail (kabukalan &kawasan) daw po with 6jumps including the highest one so naisip ko lang if pareho lang un for 2-3 hrs. Daw po.

      • Xan

        Kuya help! Haha d ko alam ggaawin ko sa itinerary ko, nacontact ko na po c kuya yoyoy and sinuggest nya nga po na umaga ang kawasan falls.
        So ganto po itinerary naisip ko since gusto dn po nmin magwhale shark watching.
        Will arrive Cebu at 10:50am Oct 3 cebu city tour
        Oct 4 kawasan canyoneering
        Oct 5 whale shark watching, kaso ang flight po namin is 1:35, sa tingin nyo po ba aabot kami sa flight nmin pagmag whale shark watching pa kami? Im planning on staying nlng sa oslob ng over night on the 4th para makapag whale shark watching agad.

        • Ton

          If youre a risk taker, kaya naman. After kawasan, go na sa oslob. Stay there overnight. The next day punta kayo sa whaleshark. Punta kayo ng 5am. Pila kayo agad para kayo ang first batch. Youre done before 9am. 3 hours ang biyahe so mukhang kaya. Pero you cant control din kasi kung gano kabilis ang bus.

          Here’s my recommendation:
          Since dating nyo ng cebu is on oct3, deretso na kayo oslob para makawhaleshark kayo ng oct4. Be there by 5am para firstbatch kayo. Youre done by 9am. Tapos shoot na kayo sa kawasan. Almost 2 hrs ang biyahe. Kung makarating kayo before 12, kaya pa rin makapagcanyoneering since whole day naman yun open. At night, balik na kayo cebu para hindi kayo magcram papunta airport.

          I just dont know kung may bus from oslob to kawasan. πŸ˜‚

      • xan

        Ok po Gusto ko po ung recommendation nyo, baka icancel nlng nmin ang sumilon.. whale shark watching nlng at canyoneering para hndi mahirap by oct 5 sa flight.
        Thank u so much po! Sobrang laking tulong ng blog nyo. God bless 😊😊

      • xan

        Hi ton!
        Tapos na ung Cebu trip namin and very worth it tlga. I highly recommend kuya yoyoy for the canyoneering. And the whale shark experience is soooo amazing!
        Thank you for all your help 😊
        Nagoslob then canyoneering nlg kmi, nagstart kmi sa canyoneering mga before 12 pero natapos kmi madilim na kaya d masyado naenjoy ang kawasan, pero nagenjoy naman ang mom ko kasi hndi sya nagcanyoneering (which is very grateful ako kina kuya yoyoy at ate sandra kasi naaccomodate nila ung needs namin na may 2 hndi magcacqnyoneering pero babayad nlng kmi sa dinner nila, bale mom ko and a 5yr old kasi) from oslob between 7 or 8am ata kmi nkarating, then naglunch muna kmi dun then madami nagaalok ng canyoneering dun pero sabi nmin meron na kaya inupahan nlng nmin ung multicab for 200pesos each then libre ung bata and nakarating kmi kina kuya yoyoy in just 1hr and 30mins. Super saya tlga!

        • Ton

          Great!!! Really appreciate your time to go back to this blog and share your experience! This will also help others who are inquiring about itineraries. May i just ask, 1000 pa rin ang canyoneering or tumaas na? πŸ™‚

      • xan

        No problem! 1500 na xa kasama na food and everything. Halos lahat ng napagtanungan ko ng price ganun na. Yung iba mas mahal pero kapag madami kayo mas magmumura hanggang 1500 or 1400..
        Pero kay kuya yoyoy walang problema kaht daw dlwa lang ok lang. super bait tlga nya, and super aliw kasama, may mga libreng pamiryenda pa sya..let’s help kuya yoyoy! Hindi kasi sya magaling sa social media kaya hirap daw sya magadvertise, tanging si ate sandra lang ang marunong. Thank you ton! Kung hndi dahil sayo hndi ko makikilala si kuya yoyoy 😊

        • Ton

          Thanks xan! Yes, yan din yung reason bakit ko sya sinama sa blog ko. He’s very humble to ask for help. Hope you can also promote him! Thanks again! πŸ˜‰

  • Lj

    Hi Sir, your blog is so helpful to us. This coming oct 29- nov 1 ppunta kame dyan. My mga question lang po ako and sana matulungan nyo po ako. hehe
    Q1; From Badian to Oslob ano po sasakyan. Di po kasi afford ang private van kasi dalawa lang po kame.
    Q2 Canyoneering adventure sir ok na din mag start ng 12nn.

    Thank you and advanced sir (;;

    • Ton

      Hi! Thank you for dropping by! As to your questions, there are buses going to oslob that pass by badian. Most of the time, non-air. What we did before was to contract a van (taga badian lang din ang mayari) along with other group. Pero we’re like 10 sa van so mga around 150 lang ang contribution each.

      According to our guide, pwede pa naman magcanyoneering by 12nn. Yun nga lang baka sunset na kayo matapos. Plus, baka hindi nyo masyado maenjoy ang kawasan falls kapag sundown na. It’s the highlight of the adventure. Kaya i suggest you stay longer sa kawasan.

      You may want to contact the guide I mentioned in the blogpost. Very maaasahan saka he will adjust to your time. 😊

  • Apollo

    Hi Ton. need lang ako ng advice kc may Cebu kami family outing group of 7. Nov 23-26. 2pm alis namin ng manila Nov 23. gusto namin mag sumilon island. tumalog falls. oslob whale shark. tpos mag canyoneering kami ng gf ko. kind i ask for an itinerary? Thanks.

    • Ton

      Hi Apollo! Thanks for dropping by! You may follow the itinerary in my post. After canyoneering on the 24th (half day activity), you may proceed to oslob and spend the night there. On 25th, pila na kayo sa whale shark by 5am para first batch kayo therefore you’ll be done before 9am. Tumalog falls is just few kilometers away lang naman sa whale shark so after nyo dun, magtumalog na kayo. You can spend the night of 25th sa sumilon island, if gabi pa flight nyo on 26th. There are accommodations dun but i dont know how much. If not, you may just want to allot a little time in tumalog so you can stay pa for a little time in sumilon. Anyway, hindi naman sila malalayo from each other. Para by night of 25th, balik na kayo cebu.

      You may want to read blogs of those who included tumalog and sumilon islands in their IT for better sched and time management. Thanks! πŸ˜€

  • Era

    Hi sir question lang if diretso kami ng canyoonering ng umaga may mapag iiwan po kaya kami ng gamit or need pa talaga namin mag rent ng house? Thank you po.

    • Ton

      You can leave your things sa bahay ng guide, if ever si kuya yoyoy ang kunin nyo. You can rent dry bag din sa guide so you can bring your valuables while canyoneering. πŸ˜‰

    • Ton

      Thank you Jezamine!! You may want to visit this post again before your travel next year. Im planning to update this after my trip this end of the month on same place hehe. Ill give other options and suggestions. Thanks again!! πŸ˜‰

      • Ize

        One day lang po sana ang e spend namin sa south, is it possible po kaya kung deretso kameng Oslob then tumalog falls. After that canyoneering and kawasan? Dalawa lang po kame ng Asawa ko. We would like not to spend too much time in canyoneering. πŸ˜’

  • tin

    hi kuya ask ko lng po what is the best way kung mgkacanyoneering,kawasan falls and simala church lng po kame kaya po ba ng 2days? nov.15 at 7:45am ang dating namen sa cebu airport and ang flight pabalik sa manila is nov 17 at 8:25am. anything that you suggest is much appreciated. thankyou..

    • Ton

      Hi Tin! Pwedeng pwede! On your first day, pwede kayo dumeretso ng simala. For sure before 12nn tapos na kayo. I think its about 1 or 1.5hrs lang nag biyahe from cebu, just ask saan ang sakayan.

      After that, you can go back muna sa cebu city para magcity tour. Then on nov16, early in the morning, go na kayo sa canyoneering. Pwede nyo ifollow yung itinerary ko on how to go to badian. You have a lot of time on nov16 kaya dont rush canyoneering and spending time in Kawasan falls. Maybe by 2 or 3pm youre done. Go back to cebu, have a nice night then airport the following day.

      Enjoy!! 😊

      • tin

        thankyou so much kuya ton..:)
        me i ask you again about the hotel? hindi ko po kase alam kung saan kame mag e stay if it is on the city or near at kawasan? im so confused, balak ko din po kase if ever 1 hotel on city tour, then the next day we transfer on the hotel near at kawasan if ever.
        could you please help me po.. or may masasuggest po kayong mas madali.. thankyou so much

    • Ton

      Hi Fides! No need. Just be there by 5am para first kayo sa pila. It will open by 6am. Ok na rin na maaga kasi sunrise area sya so manuod na lang muna kayo ng sunrise hehe. Kapag late na kasi kayo dumating, dagsa na mga tao. Late na kayo matatapos for sure. Enjoy! 😊

  • Dia

    Hi Sir Ton! Napaka helpful ng blog niyo. Magtatanong sana ng advice regarding sa itinerary namin ng kasama ko. We’re planning to have this for a 2 day trip kaso di namin alam kung appropriate ba yung itinerary namin in order to enjoy the best time for all the places. Eto yung tentative namin: (Day 1) Badian -> Osmena Peak -> (Day 2) Oslob -> Simala… We put the Osmena Peak on the afternoon after the canyoneering since sobrang foggy raw sa morning at di ma appreciate ang views. Then right after we’re heading straight to Oslob for an overnight stay to catch up with the first batch for Whale Shark Watching. On the afternoon of Day 2, we are planning to go to Simala before heading back to Cebu City. Sir Ton, tingin mo okay lang ba yun na itinerary? Will it be very costly and time consuming? Kasi iniisip din namin kung pwede din bang ang itinerary is: (Day 1) Oslob -> Badian Canyoneering (Overnight stay) -> (Day 2) Osmena Peak -> Simala. Please help kung alin sa dalawang ititnerary ang mas magandang sundin in terms of expenses and time allocation. THANK YOU AHEAD! =)

    • Ton

      Hi Dia! As far as I know magkabilang side and badian and osmena peak. Parang hindi sya madadaanan kung galing kang badian unless you have car. As far as I know but you may want to consult others, same way ang simala, osmena peak, and oslob.

      If you have service, you may want to try simala then osmena peak on day 1. Then shoot kayo sa oslob for overnight stay. Then next day whale shark watching then canyoneering.

      Hope it helps. πŸ™‚

  • Nadine

    Hi! Just wanna ask kung alam nyo po kung may bus from Badian papuntang Oslob ng gabi maybe around 8pm-9pm. Dadating po kasi kami sa Cebu ng 8am then mga around 11 or 12 nasa Badian na kami. May canyoneering po ba ng hapon?

  • Alyssa Amir

    Hi Ton! Thank you for such an informative blog post on your trip. I’m from Malaysia and will be planning a trip to Oslob for the Whale Watching, can you provide me a rough guide to get there and back from Cebu City?

    Thanks a bunch!

  • Manel

    Hi Sir! Thanks for this. Really gives me an idea πŸ™‚ Planning to go next year. May question lang po ako sir, nagpareserve po kayo ng bookings(travel agency) sa canyoneering and whaleshark watching? Or is it enough po na my contact na tour guide? I was just wondering. And possible din po ba sa isang araw yung Whaleshark watching + Canyoneering + Kawasan Falls, we’re planning po kasi to maximize our time, we’ll be spending 3 days in Cebu so the next two days po probably libot2 from oslob to cebu city.Tatlo po kami. Sir paki advise naman po if anung pwede mong i suggest sa planned ITI po namin. Mas makakamura din po ba kami if mag rent kami ng car from day 1, or mag commute on the first day?

    ETA – 6pm
    Airport – Hotel Destination (Oslob)
    Day 1: Whaleshark watching + Canyoneering + Kawasan Falls
    Day 2: Oslob>>Boljoon>>Sibonga>>Carcar>>Cebu (approx 10 or more tourist spots)
    Day 3: Tourist destinations in Cebu City

    Thanks po in advance, Your response is highly appreciated. More power! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Ton

      Hi Manel. My first advice is dont strike too many spots in 3 days. You might have not enough time to enjoy every single place. Your 3 days are enough to visit the places i mentioned in the blog. You may add also sumilon islands in oslob and temple of leah and taoist temple in your cebu city tour.

      If your arrival is 6pm (thats day 0), you can go first to canyoneering (day 1) by taking the 4am trip to Matutinao the following day. Contact Kuya Yoyoy as your guide in canyoneering. He is so sulit! Spent 1 day there. After, go overnight in oslob so you can be at whale shark area by 5am in the morning to take the first batch of whale shark encounter. By 7am, youre done. Try sumilon island after. Thats only 15 minutes away by boat from whale shark area. After which, follow the same IT we did (nuestra in oslon, simala church, day 3 will be cebu cjity tour).

      Btw, what time is your flight from cebu back to base? πŸ˜‰

  • richmar cocjin

    tnx sir npakainformative ng blog nyo… ask q lng po sna qng pede b kmi deretso oslob for whaleshark watching from cebu airport 11pm kc arrival nmen s cebu airport eh..

    • Ton

      Im not sure if there are bus going to oslob by that time. If you have private van, pwede naman. Kung wala, you may want to call cebu south bus terminal for schedule. Contact number is (032) 2533830 or (032) 2534119.

  • AA

    Hi ton! I love your blog. It is super informative! My cousins and I are planning to follow your itinerary for our trip next year. We are to arrive in Cebu on Apr 12 (PM) and we are leaving for Bohol on Apr 14 (7PM). kaya po ba if we are going to follow your day 1 and day 2 itinerary except after whale shark watching, punta kami sa Sumilon Island then after, balik na kami sa Cebu City. Aabot paba kami sa last trip ng Supercat which is at 7PM?

    • Ton

      Hi Aa! Kayang kaya. Last week i also used the same IT but with Sumilon Island. We were in cebu by around 6pm (we left simala church by 330pm). Basta agahan nyo sa whale shark. Before 7am youre done so shoot na kayo sumilon island. Since kunti lang kayo, more likely, before 11am makakaalis na kayo ng oslob. Kami natapos by 10am pero nakaalis kami ng oslob ng 1230pm na.

      Btw, canyoneering is 1500 inclusive of lunch, transfer to jump off point and back, dry bag and go pro use. Just contact kuya yoyoy for more details. The price is across all tour guides as mandated by lgu.


        • Ton

          Hi AA. Ypu can ask kuya yoyoy if they can provide you with a service. But i think hindi van, multicab yata. Anyway, i have tried also bus. 2 rides yun. 1 bus from kawasan to oslob terminal. It takes 1.5hrs. Then from oslob terminal, bus ulit going to your accommodation. It takes around 20minutes.

  • MryVn

    Hi Ton! I need your help can i still contact Kuya Yoyoy? for my Canyoneering adventure? and ok ba ITI ko? kaya po ba to? Canyoneering+osmena peak in one day? that day dn byahe pa oslob then sleep on 2nd day for whale shark encounter+mainit spring+tumalog falls+aguinid falls+binalayan and sumilon island? paki revise nmn po if hnd kaya. Thank you po. My South Cebu Adventure will start one November 14 po.

    • Ton

      Hello myrvn! Yes you can still contact him on the same number. Regarding your day 1, as far as i know, osmeΓ±a peak and canyoneering are on the other side of each other. I think canyoneering is on the west, osmena peak is on east so baka mahirapan ka bumyahe. You can do canyoneering muna on day1. After that, you can go to oslob na. If you have 2 days in oslob i think your target destinations are possible to visit. Saka ka na mag osmena peak kung pabalik ka na sa cebu from oslob. Madadaanan kasi yun. If you have private car, sobrang bilis lang bumiyahe.

      • MryVn

        Omg bilis ng reply mo sir, oh i see sge sir ganun na nga lang po. Salamat sir ((: pwede dn sir na day1 canyoneering tapos diretcho ng oslob tpos mga falls falls muna on the next day na si whale shark. Makakapag city tour pa kya ako non?

  • aileen

    Hi Ton! Thank you for this very informative and detailed blog for canyoneering. We’re going there this coming summer and yes will call Kuya Yoyoy as its highly recommended. We’re group of non swimmers and trying hard adventurer so would definitely need a very patient guide. Salamat kaayo.

    • Ton

      Hi Aileen! Thanks for dropping by. Yes, he’s very patient. I was there again 2 weeks ago. We were 8 and only 1 knows how to swim. Haha. Grabe ang patience. πŸ™‚

      • Aileen P. Edulan

        Great! very comforting for beginners like us to know that. Kulbaan na a bit. Though we’ve been to cliff diving at Ariels Point last summer but I know this one is much more challenging. By the way how much is current rate by now? I believed there was a price increase after the renovation the made. Thanks again.

  • sylma

    Hi Ton! Thanks for for this informative blog..such a big help…it is safe to travel alone ?hehe,ung 1500 ho ba per persona na?thnks and more adventure

  • Eztacey

    Hi! my friends and I (group of 5) from Manila are planning to visit Cebu on February for 3 days 2 nights, ask ko lang if anong mas better, oslob and kawasan ng 1st day tas city tour ng 2nd day or the other way around?

  • John Austin Perez

    Hi! Super helpful blog. Thanks! πŸ˜€ Will be going to Cebu next week. I will contact Kuya yoyoy na din right away kasi ang ganda ng mga comments na nabasa ko about him. Thanks po sa blog na ‘to! πŸ™‚ Kuya Ton, ask ko lang do you think it is possible na mag Whale shark watching ng early in the morning at around 7am then canyoneering ng afternoon then osmena peak before going back to cebu city? πŸ™‚ Gusto ko kasi sana mapuntahan yung tatlong to one day lang kasi kami sa south cebu hehe πŸ™‚


  • John Austin Perez

    Hi! Super helpful blog. Thanks! πŸ˜€ Will be going to Cebu next week. I will contact Kuya yoyoy na din right away kasi ang ganda ng mga comments na nabasa ko about him. Thanks po sa blog na β€˜to! πŸ™‚ Kuya Ton, ask ko lang do you think it is possible na mag Whale shark watching ng early in the morning at around 7am then canyoneering ng afternoon then osmena peak before going back to cebu city? πŸ™‚ Gusto ko kasi sana mapuntahan yung tatlong to one day lang kasi kami sa south cebu hehe πŸ™‚


    • Ton

      Hi john! Malabo yan. Sa canyoneering pa lang mauubis na one day nyo e. Though meron na nakatary nagwhale shark sila at 6am then canyoneering. Natapos sila mga 6pm na so di na nila naenjoy ang kawasan falls.

  • Chris Villacarlos

    Hi. Do you by chance have a photo of Badian’s local market? Particularly the one where the food stalls of local delicacies are displayed. Its for a class requirement. Would really appreciate it if you could send or upload it. Thank You and Godspeed.

    • Ton

      From random driver who offered his service. You can ask your tour guide if they can provide you with transpo going to oslob. If none, there’s bus going to oslob. πŸ˜‰

  • Kat asuncion

    Sir anthony! Ptulong naman. Pag posible ba mapunthan ang simala, kawasan and oslob in one day? Mejo hrap kasi ako sa itinerary ko. Dko alam pno iarange un hotels and transpo. Slamat in advance πŸ˜‡

        • Ton

          If you have private van, yes pwede. Although magkaibang way kasi ang kawasan and simala. You have to be early kasi in oslob para before 7 done na kayo sa whale watching, then shoot kayo kawasan falls. Before 12 or 11am for sure you have enjoyed already kawasan falls. Then you can shoot na sa simala. But yun nga, different way sya. Better ask your driver if its feasible or meron syang alternative option.

          The best way sana is kawasan sa umaga, then oslob then simala. It’s just that, baka macutoff kayo sa whale watching sa sobrang dami ng tao and until 12nn lang.

          So better if you can ask for advise from locals out there. πŸ™‚

  • Kat asuncion

    Feb 11-14 po ang target date ko.
    Im planning to have a city tour on feb 11th.
    Den kawasan falls, simala and oslob. Pano po ba? Mgrerent ba ulit ako ng pagsteyan 2nd second day? Kasi un hotel nmin sa first day e sa proper ng cebu city. Diba malayo na un sa south? Den im planning to go bohol sa 3rd day. Pasuggest nman po pano pede gwin. Salamat

  • Cy

    Hi! I’m book to Cebu on January 26, 2017 – January 30, 2017.

    I just wanna ask kung ayos naman ung review about Rob’s pension House? And kung wala naman hidden charges? Hehe. We’re kind of in a budget trip and dalawa lang kasi kami.

    Another thing, worth it ba i-try ‘yung sky experience adventure? Hehe.

    And lastly, our ETA in Mactan International Airport is at 5:25 pm, January 26. We are planning on checking in at Rob’s pension house for an overnight stay. The following day, January 27, we will be going in Badian for canyoneering and kawasan falls. We’re planning on leaving the city at 4am. The next day, January 28, we plan on going to Oslob for sumilon island and tumalog falls, and we will be going back to the city right after for the city tour. For January 29, we will spend the whole day touring the city, and we will be leaving cebu at 1:45am, January 30. I just wanna ask for your insights regarding our planned IT? Hehe. And kung feasible ba siya and mas masusulit pa namin yung stay? πŸ™‚

    Thank you! Your response will be surely appreciated. πŸ™‚

  • Cy

    Hi! I’m book to Cebu on January 26, 2017 – January 30, 2017.
    I just wanna ask kung ayos naman ung review about Rob’s pension House? And kung wala naman hidden charges? Hehe. We’re kind of in a budget trip and dalawa lang kasi kami.
    Another thing, worth it ba i-try β€˜yung sky experience adventure? Hehe.
    And lastly, our ETA in Mactan International Airport is at 5:25 pm, January 26. We are planning on checking in at Rob’s pension house for an overnight stay. The following day, January 27, we will be going in Badian for canyoneering and kawasan falls. We’re planning on leaving the city at 4am. The next day, January 28, we plan on going to Oslob for sumilon island and tumalog falls, and we will be going back to the city right after for the city tour. For January 29, we will spend the whole day touring the city, and we will be leaving cebu at 1:45am, January 30. I just wanna ask for your insights regarding our planned IT? Hehe. And kung feasible ba siya and mas masusulit pa namin yung stay? πŸ™‚
    Thank you! Your response will be surely appreciated. πŸ™‚

    • Ton

      Hi Cy! Sulit na sulit naman! We have the same IT. You may read our scheds of activities for more info. After kawasan, pwede na kayo duneretso sa oslob for overnight stay. Dun sa detailed IT ko, nakalagay lahat hehe.

      Ok ang robes. Mababait ang staff and okay ang rooms. πŸ˜‰

      • Cy

        Thanks for the reply! Sorry nadoble ‘yung post ko, akala ko kasi hindi naicomment. Haha. Anyway, I already contacted Kuya Yoyoy. He told us na 1500 ‘yung rate niya. Baka medyo pricey kasi sabi ko dalawa lang kami. Not yet confirming to him, nagtatry pa sana ako ng medyo mababa. Haha. Pero if wala na, might as well go for Kuya Yoyoy na lang because of your nice reviews. πŸ™‚

        Actually, sa IT mo ako nagbased. Haha. May biyahe ba from Kawasan to Oslob at like 6pm? Dun na rin sana kami magstay overnight. Nakita ko kasi sa IT niyo nagrent kayo ng private van. Kaso baka di na namin ma-afford un since dalawa lang kami. Hehe.

        I have another question. May required na attire ba during canyoneering? Haha.

        Thank youuu! πŸ™‚

        • Ton

          Merong bus. 2 bus sasakyan nyo. One from kawasan to oslob terminal. Mga 1.5hrs ang biyahe, tapos second from oslob terminal to proper. Mga less than 30 mins lang. patulong kayo kay kuya yoyoy makahanap ng bus na sasakyan.

          Better to wear light material lang. para maenjoy nyo yung tubig kasi sobrnag fresh ng tubig. Tapos nagoutdoor sandals lang kami. πŸ™‚

    • Ton

      Hi! Never tried it in one day but i guess kaya kasi isang way lang sila e. Oslob early in the morning (like 7am dapat tapos na kayo, meaning kayo dapat first batch) then on the way, madadaanan yung papuntang osmeΓ±a peak. After nyo dun, you can visit simala. Same way lang din sya going bak to cebu city. πŸ˜‰

  • Kheyt

    Nagsesearch ako bout s budget for this Cebu tour and i found this now..thanks for the info..
    ask ko lng kung alam nio if kuya yoyoy is still using the same number until now?

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

  • khayi gaitana

    Hi po! Kaya po ba ang itinerary niyo ng 2 nights and 3 days? Arrival po namin ng Cebu 6 ng umaga then alis namin ng cebu back to our places 6 ng gabi. And kung 4 lang po kami mas expensive po ba? Thank you.

  • Ciara

    Hi Ton, passed by your blog and I find it very informative! My partner and I are bound for Cebu on Feb 15, flight namin is around 12 midnight, will arrive the next day na. Diretso na sana kami Canyoneering. My questions are:

    1. May bus ba going to Alegria by that time?
    2. Do you know any cheap accommodations around the area?

  • john delacruz

    hi sir. nice posts. straightforward, entertaining and helpful.

    anyway, question lang po. sa Oslob po kayo nag stay for the night? dun din po ba ang jumpoff nyo to get to simala? any tips on how to get to simala?

    or kasama sa rent a van nyo yun?

  • RDonato

    Hi. Do you think kaya po ba this tour in one day? Mej time constrained kami eh. Planning to go to Bohol the next day:

    DAY 2 14-Apr-17
    3:00AM Departure from Cebu South Bus Terminal to Oslob
    6:00AM Arrival in Oslob/Light Breakfast
    6:30AM Whaleshark Watching/Snorkeling
    7:30AM Cool Down at Lumalog Falls
    8:00AM Depart Oslob
    9:00AM Arrival in Badian/Lunch
    10:00AM Gear Preparation & Travel to Canyoneering Jump Point
    11:00AM Start of Canyoneering
    3:00PM End of Canyoneering and Swimming at Kawasan Falls
    4:30PM Departure to Sumilon Island
    6:00PM Arrival at Sumilon Island & Picture Taking
    7:00PM Dinner
    8:00PM Back to Cebu City via Bus
    11:00PM Back to Hotel – Rest!

    • Ton

      Hello, i dont think this will work. Canyoneering kasi is an half day activity. Tapos it’s about 1.5 hrs from oslob (less than 1hr kung may own car).

      Maybe, you can drop the canyoneering or you can drop sumilon island. πŸ™‚

      If you already have a tour guide, you can ask him for better advice. But as I see it, medyo malabo. πŸ™‚

  • Jermaine Gentiles

    Hi sir! Thank you sa very informative post mo. Working pa rin ba yng contact number nung tour guide nyo? kasi nung kinontact ko ngaun yng number unattended na sir. Sana may alternate number kayo sir. Thank you.

  • Aecil

    Hi! Found your blog since i’m looking for a budget itinerary. Appreciate it so much! ask q lang po if how much ung bayad kay kuya yoyoy and if sya na po lahat magarrange ng whole canyoneering + kawasan falls trip? Thank you so much.

  • pj

    ask ko lang kung kaya bang hanggng lunch time ang canyooneering and then proceed to island hopping to sumilon island? thanks

    • Ton

      Hi Allan, there are buses in badian going back to Cebu. Just ask for assistance from the people there or from your tour guide to get a ride.

  • yelleydoo

    We’ll be in Cebu on May 22-25 and contacted Kuya Yoyoy upon seeing this blogpost. Hahaha! Kakayanin ba namin if dadaan kami ng Simala before Canyoneering then diretso Osmena Peak after ng Canyoneering? Nabasa ko kasi na mas maganda mag Osmena Peak ng hapon kumpara sa umaga.

    • Ton

      Hi, canyoneering is out of way kasi from simala and osmena peak. And i think better to spend almost a day in canyoneering para mas maenjoy nyo. πŸ™‚

  • Bregit

    Hi Sir Ton, ask ko lang po yong rate bah nh na avail sa canyoneering at whale watching is goof for 5 po bh yon n price.? baka kasi my difference ang price pag dalawa lang kami.

  • Rhey Mark Mogol

    Hi Ton, August 17 1:40PM yung flight namin ng mga barkada ko pa-CEBU August 21 4:00PM naman yung balik namin ng Manila. Any suggestion if where we can stay? Or pwede bang pagdating namin ng hapon sa Cebu eh dumirecho na kami agad ng South Cebu? TIA. πŸ™‚

  • ayanna

    Hi! balak namin pumunta ng August, dalawa lang kami tingin mo po magandang month ang august sa cebu? inalala ko kasi baka umulan tapos po mag canyoneering kami thank you po πŸ™‚

  • Catherine

    Hello, ask ko lang po kung anu magandang gawin sa IT naming.

    — kawasan
    — oslob
    — simala
    — city tour (Magellan’s cross; etc.)
    — bantayan cebu

  • Monette

    Hi. I stumbled upon your blog today and wanted to ask if Kuya Yoyoy’s number is still the same? Also, aren’t there multiple whale watching places? Which would you recommend?

  • Jm Ballo

    good day kuya ton ask ko lng flight po namin october 4 2017 night (3d2n) (8 persons po kami), (1st day)october 5 bohol kmi then back to cebu, (2nd day) october 6 kwasan /canyoneering and oslob/whale watching kakayanin po ba ng 1 day po yan anu po maganda una kawasan/canyoneering o oslob whale watching? (3rd day) (October 7) cebu tour..

    ask ko din po kasya na po ba yung mga pension house po may aircon po ba?at meron din po ba na 8 persons for 1 room?

    at ask ko din po 10k po ba budget perperson sa tingin nyo po kasya na po ba yan?thanks you

    • Ton

      sobrang laki na ng 10k na budget per person. πŸ™‚ kami less than 5k lang nagastos namin. pero wala pa dun yung mga pasalubong and souvenirs.

      ang alam ko merong room good for 8. just ask the hotel.

      hindi kaya ng 1 day ang canyoneering and oslob. i havent tried it yet saka i dont recommend it kasi hindi nyo maeenjoy yung canyoneering kasi magmamadali kayo hehe

  • Jm

    Hello, i want to ask lang kung san nyo po iniwan young things nyo pag dating sa kawasan falls ? were also 5 den kase madali lang ba makahanap ng van papuntang oslob ?

    Thank you/

  • Lea Pamela Fernandez

    Hi Sir Ton, we are planning to visit osmena peak on day 1 after mag whale shark watching, sumilon island and some waterfalls, is it doable? If yes, saan po kaya maganda mag-0vernight if canyoonering kami the next day?


    • Ton

      Hi Lea! I doubt its doable. Malayo kasi yung papasok sa osmena peak. Pero di ko pa natry. You can search other blogs na may ganyang itinerary. πŸ™‚

  • angel

    Thank you very much sir! This is very informative. You have helped us a lot. I was also able to contact Kuya Yoyoy for our trip next week. He is nice to talk with, i am more excited! 😁 Again thank you and God bless! πŸ™‚

  • Jaymark

    Hi Ton,

    We will be having a cebu tour this weekend. Tanong lang if meron bang Van na pwedeng masakyan from Badian to Cebu via Santander road? Thanks

  • Bob By

    Good Day Sir Ton! We’re planning to visit Southern Cebu this Jan.26-28. We’ll be arriving by 3am at Cebu Airport. maybe dideretso na kami sa South bus terminal going to Oslob. kaya ba nang 1 day From Whale Shark Watching then Canyoneering lang. di na kami mag Kawasan Falls then back to Cebu City?.. may mga transport bus or van ba na babyahe pag hapon na?? salamat sa sagot. πŸ™‚ Your blog is indeed informative πŸ˜€

    • Ton

      Hi! Yes, you can go straight sa terminal. I think kaya kung oslob-canyoneering lang. if matapos kayo ng whale shark before 9am, you’ll be in badian by 11am. (around 2 hours ang biyahe from oslob to badian, and i think 2 bus rides yun. Pero bakit hindi kayo magkakawasan?? hehe. sobrang ganda dun. sayang naman kung hindi. hehe

      • Bob By

        Yung kasama ko bago lng naka punta dun. mas nag enjoy pa daw cla sa canyoneering kesa sa kawasan. so they advice us, kung we want to plan a whole day south cebu trip. just oslob and canyoneering nlng daw. we plan to get kuya yoyoy as our tour guide. thanks for posting his contact # sir. yun parin ba # nya?? πŸ™‚ Thank you for the info.

        • Ton

          yes same number pa din si kuya yoyoy. if di mo sya macontact let me know. For me, Kawasan is so worth it. sobrang ganda ng falls. its pristine blue water is the best ive seen so far. πŸ™‚

  • Rosell

    Hi Ton, we are planning to visit Southern Cebu, then diretso na kami whaleshark watching. Ask ko lang, meron ba doon place na mapag iwanan ng gamit natin? πŸ™‚

  • roselle

    Hi Ton! We’re planning to visit Southern Cebu this Feb. We’ll be arriving by 3am at Cebu Airport. then diretso na kami oslob for whaleshark watching. Ask ko lang if meron ba tayong mapag iwanan ng mga bags doon?

  • Jean

    Good day Sir, ask ko lang kasi punta kami ng Cebu this coming March 2, early morning ang dating namin sa Cebu City…gusto namin mag canyooneering at kawasan at whale shark, makaya kaya sa time namin kasi by March 3 attend kami ng kasal sa Argao at 2pm.

  • Jhenai

    Hi Ton, thank you sa blog mo malaking help sya sa kagaya nming gusto mag DIY. We’re planning to go there in August, and I’d like to contact Kuya Yoyoy,

  • Sandy

    hi i just want to ask if you are solo traveller? and nameet mo lng sa area yung kasama mo sa activity. solo traveller kasi ako and i know mas mahal pag mag isa lng ako.

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