Island Hopping in Talicud Islands (Samal)

One of the best ways to spend your time while in Davao is to have yourself experience the beautiful beaches of Samal. The Island Garden City of Samal (IGaCoS) is only 15 minutes away from Davao City Wharf (Sasa Wharf). There are a lot of beaches you can choose from that for sure are worth it more than any other beaches in Luzon.

Last May 28, we decided to have an island hopping in Talicud Island. This is the island at the back of Samal, thus, where the name came from. According to some locals supported by online reviews, Talicud Island is way better than Samal. The sand is pure and white. The water is clearer. The accommodation is much cheaper and the species are more diverse.


The island hopping only takes less than a day. We contacted a reservation for small boat good for five for only PHP3,500.00 via Kuya Ronnie (09985762967). It’s highly recommended, especially during peak seasons (summer), to have boat reservation before anything else so you avoid long queues in the Sta. Ana Wharf. Kuya Ronnie is a diver and the crew are very polite and funny so you’ll really have a good time spending the day at this island.

We left Sta. Ana Wharf at 8AM and reached our first stop few minutes before nine. Since Talicud Island is located at the back of Samal, it takes longer to reach the island than in mainland Samal. Our first stop was the 25-kilometer-stretch of corals called the Coral Garden. Be ready to be blown away by the diverse life it carries. You’ll better have a good picture of it when you go diving. According to Kuya Ronnie, fee for diving is 800pesos including all the gears. Apologies if I don’t have a picture of what I’m saying. I don’t have action camera yet so what I can only show you is the place where we stopped.

If you join other groups in island hopping, the crew will only allow you to stay in each stop for about 30 minutes. However, for reservations like we did, you can decide whether you want to stay longer in one place or not. We stayed for more than an hour in this place. You better bring your own goggles so you avoid renting for 50 bucks every stop.

At lunch time, we stayed at Babu Santa beach resort. This is where everyone go for lunch. They have a docking fee of PHP250.00 but a cottage is already provided. If you have no baon, you can buy foods from them only that it’s sort of expensive hehe. Although we bring in food, we still opt to order some such as a kilo of rice, tinolang manok, two liters of soft drinks, six buko juice and we paid for around PHP1,200.00 including the docking fee. Ganyan siya kamahal.

But on the other note, this place is a paradise (less the guests hehe). At peak season especially summer, there are a lot of tourist plunging into this place. I went to Babu Santa 2 years ago at around November, we were the only visitors. Kaya I called it a paradise kasi you’ll feel the serenity of the place with only the sound of the wind and the waves that’s music to the ear. Below are the other photos that for sure will entice you to have a dose of Vitamin Sea.


We next visited Angel’s Cove for another set of coral reefs and different species of fish and sea animals. Again, we’re stunned with where we were wading at. As you may know, the coral garden and angel’s cove is one of the best in the Philippines. It’s indeed a diving site for all divers. According to a diver we’re with, this is better than Moalboal of Cebu in terms of coral reefs. And be ready as well to be stunned by a sea snake. Scary but we encounter such during our visit. πŸ™‚

At 3PM, we’re done exploring this side of Samal. We need to go also since the waves are getting stronger as the sun comes down. It’s a worth it experience when you’re in Davao. Nakakabilib how rich we are in natural resources and to have places such as this, it’s something we should be thankful for to witness it’s beauty.

If you have inquiries, you may comment below. Thank you for dropping by!

PS: Photos are not edited. Those are captured using Nikon DSLR.Β 

-The Guy With An Orange Backpack


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