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Samal Island, Davao: Chemas by the Sea Beach Resort

One of the things I envy about the people of Davao is their accessibility to one of the best islands in the Philippines – Samal Island. It is just less than 30 minutes away from the best beaches! I’ve been to several resorts in Samal and while most of it are really beautiful places, Chemas by the Sea is actually a must-visit one (and in fact, only less than 15 minutes away from Davao). I’ll tell you why!

My vlog about Chemas by the Sea is also up. You can watch it here to know our experience!

The resort is not crowded.Β Unlike some of the most popular resorts in Samal like Paradise Island, Sunset beach, Cavanico, etc., Chemas is, by far, a peaceful place by not being too crowded. I learned after my visit that they don’t allow walk-in guests. Instead, a reservation must be made prior. That is how they manage to control the number of visitors per day. We went there for a day tour package last Sunday and we were able to enjoy the beach and their salt water pool since only few are booked that day.

Also, since it’s not crowded, the entire area is very clean. I think one of the factors they were able to maintain that is their ‘no food policy allowed’ except for chips and cakes. And meals such as lunch and dinner can only be consumed in the restaurant. By doing that, they were able to eliminate trashes from undisciplined visitors! πŸ™‚

The area isn’t too hot.Β Thanks to huge trees, they kept the visitors away from direct heat of the sun. This also makes their salt water pool a great place to stay longer. Plus, malamig ang tubig since wala masyadong init. By that, this is perfect for those takot mangitim and magka-sun burn hehe. I personally like it too since most of the beaches, they only have umbrella or cottages to protect you from the sun.

Their Salt Water Pool is a great amenity.Β Most of us do not want to stay in the pool and in the beach longer for fear of sun burns. Chemas had us covered! They made us feel the saltiness of the sea in the pool and take us away from the sun with their ‘nature pool’ concept. It’s covered by trees so we don’t have to worry about sunburns. The cold water adds bliss to it! πŸ™‚

The beach and the water are both stunning.Β Although Samal Island is one of the best, there are resorts that are not as stunning as others. In fact, there are resorts that do not have shoreline like Maxima. Chemas is a good combination of white sand beach and a clear, pristine water. It’s friendly to kids during low tide. It is also instagram-worthy place for those who loves taking photo of themselves with the beach.

What I don’t like..

To be fair, I’d like to share a little thing I don’t like about the resort. (1)Β The reservation staff is quite disappointing. Although we were able to reserve our vacation, there wasn’t really a confirmation that it was indeed reserved. I just assumed that it was reserved as implied in the replies. Ram’s friend also had the same experience when they had their reservation. (2)Β The food they serve is not worth the price. They serve small and not as good as we thought. Knowing that they have that exclusivity of the foods for guests, I thought they can do better since most, if not all, of the guests will have a taste of what the restaurant has to offer, unless they’ll skip breakfast, lunch or dinner. (3)Β With all the restaurant I have tried, theirs is the first time I experienced a restaurant not offering service water.

But other than that, there’s nothing I can say worse about Chemas. My great experience still outweighs the negative ones. I would still recommend it to my friends and to you. For me, it is still one of the bests of Samal Island!


Just visit their Facebook Page at Chemas by the Sea and place your inquiries or you can also message them at 0917-814-0814.

These are their rates for staying guests, based on their page:

  • Cottage 1,3–for 2 pax @ P5,500.00
  • Cottage 4A,5A,6A(2nd flr.)–good for 2 pax @ P5,250.00
  • Cottage 4B,5B,6B(ground flr.)–good for 2pax P4,750.00
  • Cabana 1 (2 separate rooms)– good for 4pax @ P8,000 .00
  • Cabana 2,3,4,5 (1 room)–good for 4pax @ P6,000.00
  • Cottage 2 (good for 8pax)-P12,000.00
    *Cottages 1,3,4A&B,5A&B,6A&B-(2pax w/ king Bed)
    *Cottage 2-(8pax w/ 2 queen beds & 4 single beds)
    *Cabana 1-(4pax w/ queen beds separate rooms
    *Cabana 2,3,4-(4pax w/ 2 queen beds)
    *Cabana 5-(4 single beds)
    *We allow max of 2 pax excess per Cottage/Cabana @ P800/person beddings on the Floor, except for cabana 1.
    *Strictly No Food, Drinks & Water allowed.
    *Breakfast not included in all cottages/cabanas.

For day tour packages:

  • Entrance is P300.00/person &
  • Umbrella Hut is P500 good for 7 person, more than 7 plus P50/person more than 10 you have to get another Hut ( divisible by 7 ).
    *Day Tour starts at 7am till 4:30pm.
    *2 year old & above same rate as adult.
    *No Food,Drinks & Water allowed.
    *Free use of the Salt Water Pool
    *Proper Swimming Attire is required.
    *We allow bringing of chips or cake.


Just ride a jeepney or taxi going to Waterfront Hotel, Davao. Just tell the guards that you are going to Chemas. You’ll go inside the hotel vicinity to get to the boat. You can ask the staff of directions where to go. But please take note that you need to have reservation first prior so they can accommodate you.

If you want to know our entire experience, you can watch my vlog at my Youtube channel. Click here to watch now! And don’t forget to subscribe both on this blog and my youtube channel! πŸ™‚

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